The professional and personal development of our people is our main priority. We strive to create a professional and innovative environment while maintaining a family-like atmosphere in which everyone has a place to learn, grow and excel!

Smooth team integration
Smooth team integration The quick and supportive onboarding process
Launch project opportunity
Launch project opportunity The projects we take very often are made from scratch - an excellent opportunity to take lead and grow with the company.
Individual Development Plan (IDP)
Individual Development Plan (IDP) Every IT specialist in Group 107 has an individual development road map to ensure their long-term professional growth.
Awesome innovative projects
Awesome innovative projects Having the ability of choice, we give preference to trending innovative technologies
International business trips
International business trips At times, our clients like to invite our specialists to work on site for a couple of weeks and gain both cultural and professional experience.
Pet-friendly office
Pet-friendly office Have a dog or cat you can’t leave at home? Bring them to the office!
“Open-door” policy
“Open-door” policy Our management is always open to dialog. Share your thoughts when you are ready and we would be here to support you
Fitness and wellness plan
Fitness and wellness plan Sporting our very own fitness room with enough equipment to keep you in shape, including yoga classes to help clear the clutter in your mind.
Language lessons
Language lessons Improve your English and try Hebrew. On a weekly basis
Happy hours
Happy hours Beer time and hangout with your team every week
International work environment
International work environment Collaborate with colleagues and professional staff from all over the world.