3 Sins of a BI Analyst

3 Sins of a BI Analyst

Each of us has sins at work, but each of us has their own, depending on the specialization. There are many articles on the network about the sins of developers, QA engineers and designers, and we decided to talk about the sins of a BI analyst. It was really interesting, but first, let’s figure out who is BI and what are professional sins?

Who is a BI Analyst

BI Analyst

BI analyst is an extremely demanded profession, due to the growing demand for this industry in business management. BI analyst collects and analyzes information about the situation on the market of certain services and assumes the development of the business based on the collected data. Simply put, the BI analyst is the master of the numbers and databases that he or she analyzes. It is clear that such work requires a high level of concentration and attention, but we are all human and each of us has little professional “sins”.

What are Professional “Sins”

Professional “sins” can also be called fail, when you know what to do and for what, but sometimes (either the weather is not the same, or the day is not the same) something goes wrong! And when you point out a mistake, you look and understand, “Why did I do that?! I know how to do it right, after all.”

3 “Sins” of BI Analyst

  1. Perhaps this happened to everyone – you need to restart the model in order to update the data, but in a hurry we forget to turn on all containers, but the next day all the data will remain not updated if you do not pay attention in time.

Oh, how many mistakes could be avoided if we were robots, but we are humans. I am sure that everyone, absolutely everyone, forgot to press some tiny “tick” and everything went upside down! So it happens to us, however, such a mistake costs the time.

  1. When integrating a new client, you hope that everything is fine with the data, and then, when you need to visualize the dashboard, it turns out that there are differences between what we get and what is in the UI and we need to find out what is wrong.

Of course, repetition is the mother of learning, but I would not want to intersect with this in such situations. The only thing that is good in this situation is that you learn that it is easier to check and do it right from the very beginning, and not to redo it later for a long and tedious period.

  1. We focus more on the data itself or creating logic for the client, rather than visualization and what added value the dashboard provides, which is the final product and the most important from a business point of view.

We see the situation in numbers, the client – in the visual component, so sometimes there are situations when the client asks for more explanations in terms of numbers and data.

  • What tips can you give to avoid these “sins”?
  • First of all, be careful. Sometimes it happens that you do not notice the small tick that you have always seen before. To prevent this from happening – switch from time to time, take short breaks, or just go out into the fresh air.

Check it out! It will never be superfluous to check the work done again so as not to lose concentration, see the paragraph above (laughs).

Value your time. If you really value your time, you will do everything perfectly the first time, so that later you do not return to a specific task and, again, do not waste time – redoing is always more difficult.

Indeed, everyone has their own professional “sins”, the main thing is to realize them and try to get rid of them, first of all, not even for the sake of clients or work, but for themselves, for the sake of their professionalism. If you want to become a true professional in your field, even if you have little experience, try your hand at our large team! Our company offers a modern approach to work and all comfortable conditions – a large office, a gym, a kitchen, a shower, table tennis, game consoles, a library, comfortable office rooms, a meeting room, happy hours with unlimited free beer and a competitive salary. Join us and grow professionally with us!