A Сompany Where Everything is Fine! How to Tell About What Does not Suit You?

A Сompany Where Everything is Fine! How to Tell About What Does not Suit You?

We always remind you of this and ask you not to hide your wishes or suggestions. After all, we want you to know that you can come with your thoughts to managers or HR and share. We take into account every suggestion, thought, complaint, so today we want to talk about what you can and should share with us!

  1. Talk about not having time to complete all tasks

We are all human and many factors affect our productivity. Even a headache can put you out of action, just like the unplanned urgent tasks that colleagues send you. Therefore, do not hesitate to tell your manager that today you will not have time to do everything that you have planned. Of course, explain the reason so that there is no misunderstanding between you and the manager. Perhaps you will be given assistant and all deadlines will be met.

  1. Say you deserve a pay raise

If you see that your professional level has grown in comparison with your salary, and there are still a few months before the review, you can safely talk about it with the manager. For example, you took courses, attended several lectures, successfully started to apply this knowledge in your work, received positive feedback about your work, then you have a reason to talk about a salary increase. Make an appointment and give reasons for your opinion.

  1. Say you need rest

This is important for both your physical and mental health! We all had such cases when an important difficult project was completed and after it there was only one desire – to rest. But for some reason, the workers hold out with their last strength, work half-heartedly, and, finally, professional burnout occurs. It is better to say in advance or immediately after the completion of the project that you need rest, of course, if you really need it, because everyone has their own level of activity. Even if lately you have a lot of tasks and you get tired faster, by all means, talk about rest.

  1. Say that sometimes you don’t fully understand the tasks

We have already discussed a similar topic in a previous article. Here we want to emphasize once again that one should not be silent when something is not clear to you, especially when it comes to the task. This creates inconvenience for everyone, and for you in the first place. You didn’t understand the assignment, but you didn’t say about it, you start doing it at random, spend more time than usual, you get nervous, send it to the manager, he or she starts to panic, you also continue in a circle. Therefore, know that there is nothing wrong with asking you to explain the tasks three times.

  1. Say you have circumstances that affect your productivity

Here again that we are people and work is not our whole life. Life regularly throws us surprises, which are not always pleasant, and they, in turn, affect your productivity. Do not be silent about these circumstances, so your manager will understand that you have become less productive not because of your own laziness, but because of very real-life circumstances that cannot but influence you. What does not happen, from moving to a new home, to divorce from a partner.

  1. Say that sometimes you don’t have enough resources to complete tasks

Talk about it if only because you can be helped! Not enough tools – we will buy, not enough time – we will correctly prioritize, not enough strength – we will send you on vacation. The main thing is to tell us about it!

  1. Say that for certain reasons you are uncomfortable working with a manager

Again, keeping quiet about this will not only be uncomfortable for you, but also for the manager, because your communication directly affects productivity. It is better to talk about this with HR, they will help you understand the situation and suggest solutions.

If at least one of these points responded to you, then do not hesitate, but book meetings and talk! If you are looking for a company that respects your opinion, then hurry to the vacancy page and join!