How Does Recruiter Determine that the Candidate is Interested in the Vacancy?

How Does Recruiter Determine that the Candidate is Interested in the Vacancy?

Working as a recruiter is not empty interviews in the “tell a little about yourself” style, but deep analytical work, where the recruiter determines that the candidate is interested in the vacancy. How does a recruiter determine that a candidate is suitable, why some candidates don’t even make it to a live interview, and what should be the resume to be interested in you?

The Recruiter Received a Resume, What’s Next?

So, your resume has fallen into the hands of a recruiter and, perhaps, you will be surprised, but the general impression of the candidate is formed in 30 seconds. Yes, only 30 seconds. So that your resume is not rejected right away – never, you hear, never send a CV without a photo. In the 21st century, this is bad manners! This is our age – total digitalization. And the absence of your photo (even not high quality, even from vacation, even 5 years ago) causes a feeling of distrust as if you don’t even want to show your face, not to mention openness to communication – this is a huge minus to your soft skills.

Next, the recruiter determines how your resume meets the requirements for the vacancy. Do not be afraid to send your resume if the company needs 2+ years of experience, and you have 1.8 – the main thing that you have learned during this time. It often happens that a person worked in one position for 5 years, but did not develop in any way – it would seem that the experience should be cosmic, but it is not. And it happens, and vice versa, that a person has studied and learned more in a year and a half than someone in 5 years.

To make it easier for the recruiter to read your resume – structure it. Describe your education, additional courses, certificates, work experience, what languages you speak and what is often forgotten by the candidate – a cover letter! This will be a bonus to your karma.

If your resume has gone through multiple recruiter reviews, congratulations, the next step is the interview!

How Does a Recruiter Understand that You are Interested in a Job?

  • You respond quickly to a message
  • You wrote a cover letter
  • You do not postpone the interview (there are exceptions, but you must provide a good reason and at least warn, and not just disappear, and then reappear after 3 days)
  • You friendly reply to a message
  • You don’t avoid and don’t ignore questions
  • You fulfill the terms of reference in advance (for example, the deadline is Thursday, and you sent the terms of reference on Tuesday)

Live Interview – What Does a Recruiter Look For?

You might assume that the recruiter pays attention to clothes, your facial expressions or gestures, but it’s much simpler. In fact, we are all human, each has his own taste and style of dress, so it’s even funny to judge a person’s ability by dress. Well, about facial expressions and gestures, everything is obvious – not every person is very relaxed and feels free when he or she sees another person for the first time and may well behave in a constrained, restrained manner – this is natural.

In a live interview, the recruiter pays attention to how quickly you adapt – it is normal to adapt 5-10 minutes. The recruiter also pays attention to how quickly you answer the question – quick answers indicate your competence. Another huge plus for you will be – to know your expectations from future work, it is important for you, also to be clear about your salary expectations – if you answer clearly and quickly, this means that you know well what you want.

Now that all the puzzles have come together – you get a job offer! Our company employs highly qualified recruiters who give an answer even if another candidate was selected, also stay in touch and answer your questions through any communication channel convenient for you. Our initial task is to acquaint you with the company, interesting projects and help you grow professionally. And these are not empty words, those who are already with us willingly gave feedback so that you would know more about us. Find your job thanks to open vacancies and become part of our team!