How to Overcome Groundhog Day in IT or Quality Rest Matters

How to Overcome Groundhog Day in IT or Quality Rest Matters

By the time of the pandemic, every 4 IT worker faced depression or professional burnout at least once a year; over the past year, the situation has worsened significantly – now every second person faces this! The main reason for this phenomenon is workaholism, or more simply, professional burnout when you woke up on Monday morning and fell asleep on Friday evening.

Remember how you in a hurry have dinner and go on to work, and after work, you have enough energy only for a shower and half a series of the series. If this scenario has already become the norm for you, think about this problem, which will explode sooner or later.

Getting proper rest is important for both your mental and physical health. If you don’t get enough rest, your activity level will decrease and even simple tasks will be difficult. You will experience constant drowsiness and headaches as a result.

Perhaps you are already familiar with these symptoms? Therefore, we have prepared useful tips for you on how to have a proper rest so that you are always in a good mood and health, both at work and at home.

  1. Sport. It is not at all necessary to resort to heavy physical activity in the gym; you can do with a light warm-up at home on a yoga mat. Even light sports such as yoga, stretching, plank help you switch from “Work” mode to “Life” mode, as soon as you start giving yourself light physical activity, you will notice how much energy you will have for ordinary household chores. The fact is that your body turns off the work of the brain and turns on the work of the body, respectively, you are very easily distracted and switch from work. After playing sports, you can spend time with your family and yourself. This will have a beneficial effect on your emotional state. Which sports are better for unloading the brain:
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Aerobics
  • Run
  • Swimming
  1. Hobby. It’s great if you have a hobby because this is exactly what you want to do in your free time and it also helps to deal with stress after work. Just half an hour is enough to notice a wonderful result in the form of a good mood and a desire to do something else besides taking a shower! If you don’t already have a hobby, pay attention to:
  • Table games
  • Puzzle
  • Embroidery (beads, threads, ribbons)
  • Drawing pictures (from scratch, or by numbers)
  • Growing plants at home (greenery, house flowers, moss)
  • DIY jewelry making
  1. Music and books. Music, by the way, is good to listen to during work or during breaks to cheer yourself up. Create a playlist with your favorite songs and enjoy. The ideal platforms for creating playlists are Spotify, Apple Music, di.FM.

Books are mainly a method of relaxation after work. Literature is a great way to travel from one place to another, fictional. A few pages and your brain forgets that you were working half an hour ago. If no one except you knows your musical taste better, then we will help you with literature to quickly unload the brain:

  • Comics – not only an easy plot but also bright high-quality illustrations that will definitely grab your attention
  • Travel magazines – a paradise for connoisseurs of aesthetics
  1. Meetings with family or friends. If you have no particular desire to go somewhere after work – call! After all, the main purpose of such meetings is just chatter. Funny stories, news about the life of mutual acquaintances and friends are exactly what you need to distract from thoughts about work. When planning meetings with friends, remember about quarantine! By the way, dinner with the whole family can also be considered a meeting, when everyone shares the events of the day, talks about plans, this affects family life! A study from Statista showed sad statistics for 2020, the divorce rate increased from 52% to 67%, so make time for your loved ones.

You don’t need to build your life only at work, as a company that takes care of the work/life balance of its employees, we urge you to have enough rest. Moreover, Lviv adjusts to this, there are many attractions and places for recreation: starting with the old city and ending with a water park, an oceanarium, or a skating rink! So don’t waste your time in such a cool city. If you are looking for a job that supports and motivates your employees, then go to the vacancies page and join your dream team!