Team Building Under Quarantine Conditions. How Did We Do It?

Team Building Under Quarantine Conditions. How Did We Do It?

Of course, everyone wants to traditionally relax with their colleagues for several days in a relaxed atmosphere. But team building under quarantine conditions is already something interesting … There were many pros and cons, but in the end it was decided that team building would “be!”

Preparing for Team Building in


Imagine that there are 160 professionals in our company and you need to make sure that everyone is healthy. So, start disassembling your backpack? Stop stop! There is a solution, in this case, the best solution was to check every (absolutely every) employee at the doctor’s appointment, who, after the examination, issued a certificate of the patient’s condition. If the patient is healthy – come with us!

Next, we had to choose a place where our entire rather big family could stay for a few days, in addition, we decided to book the entire hotel complex in order to avoid infection from other vacationers, they, unlike the staff, often neglect protective masks. This is how our real (offline!) team building under quarantine began!

We got there, as it was convenient to whom, who preferred their own car, someone rode on an ordered bus to the Carpathians from Lviv. Oh, such a good place! Of course, before everyone was on the bus or on the territory of the hotel complex, everyone’s temperature was measured. Everyone is healthy, hurray, we are even closer to offline team building. After everything was organized, we went to check-in our rooms and settle down. By evening, everyone had free time. Someone went to the high mountains, someone stayed by the pool. Isn’t it heavenly pleasure?

In the evening, as planned, a Ukrainian-style party began – vyshyvankas were MUST HAVE that evening. Imagine how the best bros, colleagues, specialists and caps were happy to see each other in such an informal atmosphere. Of course, we haven’t forgotten that we actually came as a team, and the team definitely has those who are worth being proud of. We awarded our specialists with certificates and … Subscription to Pravda. What is there to hide, we are for the truth!

The next day, or rather the evening, there was a cool pool-party with an incredible view of the evening Carpathians. A professional DJ, delicious author’s cuisine, cocktails for the mood and a recipe for the perfect team building is ready!

What Happened Next?

And then … No! Nobody got sick, on the contrary! Teambuilding under quarantine conditions gave rise to something to tell your friends, acquaintances, parents, and to remember with colleagues. It was cool, and next year we are sure it will be even better! Therefore, if you also want to break away to the full, go to vacancies, become part of the team very soon and go with us!