There are a lot of misconceptions about the IT industry in the world. Especially, there is a popular belief that all IT people are introverts who are not interested in anything but their computer. If you work in this field, you may have been asked “Please see what happens to my computer, you’re in it.” IT professionals are often labeled as mechanics 🙂 It is very difficult to explain what your job is to a person who has nothing to do with technology. In our article we will talk about myths that frighten and repel particularly beginners. We will try to dispel them and show you what the IT world really is!

# 1 To work in IT you need to have a specialized education

Having an education is great, but it doesn’t always help. You can study to be a programmer for 5 years and consider that you are already a cool specialist. But there are different companies with different challenges, so 100% there will be the moments for which life did not prepare you. Most organizations have an internship program or courses where you can learn everything and start your career.

# 2 You need to be good at math and science

The IT industry has a wide range of different professions. If you want to become a developer or data analyst, then math can be useful. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a genius. There are other, more important skills in these professions. Also, there are non-technical professions in IT, where mathematics is almost never used;)

# 3 Only guys work in IT

Of course, there are companies in which the number of male specialists predominates. There are also rumors about them that they always wear hoodies. But the IT industry is open to everyone. There are many women who work in both technical and non-technical positions. They are great professionals and you can always turn to them for inspiration or advice.

# 4 I will be lonely and always work on my own

If you think that working in IT is boring and you will always work alone – that’s not true! In fact, this area is very diverse and you often have to work with your colleagues. For example, we have an office in the company, where our specialists not only work, but also have fun. Even remotely you can make video calls and talk to your friends and colleagues.

# 5 I will become a slave to my work

Absolutely not. In most cases, specialists have a very flexible schedule. There are tasks that you can complete faster than estimated time and be free.  Sometimes it takes longer to complete something, but it is rare and typical for beginners. Do not forget that the work can be very interesting and someone is ready to work even until midnight.

# 6 You need to know programming languages

That would be an advantage for IT, but it’s for the programming field. There are other areas, such as marketing, management, design, etc. There is no need to know programming languages in those.

# 7 There is no place for creativity in the IT

Self-organization, attention to detail and analytical skills are very important for this area, but there is no need to devalue creativity. Regardless of which department you work in, sometimes there are challenges and tasks where creativity is essential. There is an idiom “think outside the box” — for our specialists, this is rule number 1.

# 8 It’s too hard

Are you afraid to work in IT because you think it’s not for you and it’s hard to understand “what’s what”? Trust me, you’ll understand everything as soon as you start. There is a myth that you need to be super experienced and skilled in order to work in this field. In fact, everything is simple – it is the same work as others, and you can acquire knowledge in practice. The main thing is not to be afraid at the beginning and ask questions if something is unclear.

# 9 Work in IT is only for young people

If you want to develop in technology field, you can do it at any age. You just need to have a desire to learn and work.

# 10 You have to study for years to work in IT

To learn absolutely everything about a certain job, then perhaps so, it will take many years. But in order to work, it is not necessary.

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