Why Have Ukrainian IT Specialists Become so Popular?

Why Have Ukrainian IT Specialists Become so Popular?

Ukraine is among the 20 largest exporters of IT services in the world, compared to 2018, the number of IT professionals has grown by more than a third – from 43 thousand to 67 thousand. So what is our success?

Ukrainian IT Market in Numbers

Our company knows the expectations of its clients and therefore hires only the best specialists. If you are our employee – you are the first-rate specialist in your field!

The largest client of the Ukrainian IT service is the United States. We offer to consider the portrait of an American IT specialist and compare it with a Ukrainian one, so we will understand our advantages.

Average Salary of a Ukrainian IT Specialist
  • The first thing to pay attention to is the age, both in the US and Ukraine employ IT professionals of the same generation, and this is a very good indicator for cooperation, because there will be no generation gap between employees, and therefore they will easily find a common language. 
  • The second feature to pay attention to is salary, at first glance the pay gap may be surprising, but we should not forget about the standard of living in these two countries. In the United States, taxes are much higher, as well as more expenditures – social insurance, taxes on housing, cars, and the gap in prices for goods and services. 

Therefore, we should not think that we are underestimated as specialists, because if we take into account the cost items in Ukraine and the United States, the salary between these two markets is about the same. 

Portrait of IT Specialist

Then Why Hire Us? 

  • First, American employers do not have to pay such large taxes if the employee is from Ukraine. 
  • Secondly, we are respected for our level of education. It is not that there are no educated specialists in the United States, there are, but there are very few of them, because specialized higher education institutions cannot meet the demand of applicants.

What Do American Companies Expect

When They Plan to Cooperate with Ukraine?

Matt Weisfeld conducted research and surveyed large and small companies in the IT industry about employment.

What do big companies want?

Factors That Ensure our Success

  • 84% of IT specialists have higher education, another 13% have incomplete higher education, which is why foreign employers are ready to hire us – most of our specialists have specialized higher education. 
  • As a rule, all specialists start small and later go to large companies, already having professional experience of 3-5 years. 83% of specialists are satisfied with their work and find it interesting. 
  • 97% of professionals speak English, which only helps to better understand the needs of customers. 

All these features of Ukrainian IT specialists indicate that we fully satisfy the requests of foreign clients who are interested not only in the financial component but also in professionalism, job satisfaction, and communication skills. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ukrainian IT services have become so popular and in demand.

Your Dream-Company to Work & Enjoy

Our company cares not only to meet the needs of customers but also to meet the needs of professionals – a decent salary, professional and personal development (Personal development plan, language courses, yoga classes, gym, library, friendly atmosphere), a new spacious office, in which you can not only work comfortably but also have fun – consoles, happy hours, unlimited coffee and tea, kitchen, themed parties, board games! All these components first of all allow specialists to develop, which is very important for us as a company, and if a specialist develops, has the experience, loves what he or she does and has a good rest – customers will also be satisfied! If you want to be part of our team, see all vacancies. Maybe we are waiting for you?