You Will Sign an Offer From Me! What Do Developers Like?

You Will Sign an Offer From Me! What Do Developers Like?

I have been in recruiting for over 2.5 years, I started and continue to work at Group 107. Here, developers make up 40% of all employees. Today we will figure out what developers like, what they expect from their work, and how not to lose a developer after signing a job offer.

What Do Developers Like?

Here are some of my experiences and observations.

  1. Project from scratch. This is very attractive for developers! Usually, when it sounds “this is a new client and you need to develop a product from the very beginning”, developers begin to really take an interest in the proposal, the peculiarities of the client’s requests. Why? This makes it possible to write code and not redo it after someone else, everything is simple.
  2. Honesty. This applies to everyone, but developers especially feel insincerity and a desire to hide something. Therefore, we forget about flexible avoiding answers about the project, and in return, we answer and tell honestly. If you are looking for a replacement, then say so – there is nothing to worry about. What else does a recruiter’s honesty say? Of course, this indicates the openness of the processes in the company, and this is definitely a plus.
  3. Debugged workflow. Coding is a well-structured work, hence developers like companies that have a streamlined workflow. Be prepared to be asked for a detailed work process and will need to tell you about it. If you don’t know, as a recruiter, the detailed process in a team, then leave that to the project manager or technical lead.
  4. It will be a plus if the company has a highly qualified person. There is no need to explain anything here. The candidate expects to be able to learn something and this is very good. Junior wants to learn something from a middle, or senior, etc. If we are talking about a senior as a candidate, then it will be interesting for him/her to come to a company where there is a tech lead. And the tech lead? And the tech lead wants and likes to be respected and appreciated for his/her opinion and point of view. Simply put, let me do my job well.
  5. The opportunity for professional growth. Also, do you remember the description of the offers that recruiters send you? Yes, it’s corny, but it’s true! At Group 107, I myself witnessed how a senior became a tech lead in less than a year. Every developer strives to become a guru, and you should be a company where this is possible, not just in words, but in reality.

What Do Developers Want?

  1. Guess the first time. Of course, each candidate, without exception, is interested in remuneration and usually, he/she immediately announces the amount of compensation for which he/she is ready to change the job.
  2. Remote. With the advent of quarantine, more and more candidates, not only developers, want to be able to work remotely. This is beneficial for both the company and the candidates. The company is not limited in the search area, and the candidate has the opportunity to work even in Bali.
  3. Health insurance. More and more candidates are interested in whether companies have health insurance. So if you have a great package, then you will definitely be preferred over another company that offers the same salary, but without health insurance.

The Developer Signed a Job Offer, How Not to

Lose Him/Her?

I believe that the most important point is the successful completion of all stages of the interview even before signing the job offer. If you didn’t decorate anything, were “in touch” as much as possible, then the specialist will smoothly join the team and will feel comfortable. That is, take care of the duration of cooperation even before signing the contract.

Do not be too lazy to once again inquire about your well-being or offer help. The main thing is not to persuade the candidate to go to your company at any cost, then it will come up at any time. The more reluctant the candidate agrees to the offer, the faster and more unexpectedly he/she will leave, this is bad for the company.

Have you noticed a change in recruiting and what do developers like, in your opinion?

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