How and Under What Conditions Does Digital Marketing Work?

How and Under What Conditions Does Digital Marketing Work?

It is difficult to imagine the development of any business without involving digital marketing. During the pandemic alone, 86% of content marketers changed their strategy. This fact once again proves the impact of digital marketing.

If you don’t touch marketing in any way, you may not even notice how much of it is around. From the label on your favorite chocolate bar to the article, you receive in the newsletter.

How does digital marketing work? Why can’t you sell your product without marketing? Why marketing may not work? What can you do to make your digital marketing work?

What is the Essence of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing aims to popularize your product, brand, business, and lead generation.

Our main goal is to tell (in any way possible) about your product or service. Hence, you will start getting sales.

Why Can’t You Sell Your Product Without Digital Marketing?

Competition in the market is constantly growing; over the past year, more than 30% of businesses have moved online. You can customize ads yourself hundreds of times, but if you do it wrong, it turns into an empty budget drain.

It turns out that you invest money, time, and energy, and the return is almost zero.

Personal experience

During their student years, my friends from the hostel decided to earn a little extra money. You need money, you have time, you have a phone – let’s go! The plan was simple – order women’s accessories and jewelry from China, create an Instagram store, and sell! Just have time to row the money with a shovel. Of course, it was not there. Without technical knowledge, such as Instagram algorithms, no one would even guess. Targeted advertising? We’ve heard something like that, but who knows what it is? As a result, thousands of wasted money on unsuccessful advertising, a poorly thought-out concept, ignorance of Instagram algorithms, and a complete fiasco of young businesswomen!

So, you will not be able to sell your product regularly and in large quantities, because:

  • Lack of technical knowledge
    • Algorithms
    • Settings
    • Inability to use additional applications
  • Lack of deep analytics skills based on data collection using special programs and applications
  • Lack of professional training as a designer

Undoubtedly, the manager cannot cope without the help of the client.

What Does a Marketer’s Ideal Client Look Like?

  • Knows everything about the product, both pros and cons
  • Clearly understands the advantages, the better the competitors
  • Researches the market, acts in accordance with analytics
  • Knows the target audience
  • Communicates with the marketer
  • Gives maximum information about the product

Fortunately, such clients are coming across more and more often, but there are still those that complicate the workflow.

A Customer that is Difficult for a Marketer to Work With?

  • Doesn’t know who the product is for.
  • Cannot provide clear answers regarding the product
  • Rejects the marketer’s suggestions, rather than arguing for his/her decision
  • Doesn’t understand competitors
  • DOES NOT improve the product

Why Digital Marketing May Not Work?

Digital marketing is also analytics, and not unrestrained creativity and pointing fingers at the sky, as someone still thinks. Before starting his work, the manager conducts a number of studies. Then, he offers a complete solution. But there are still reasons why marketing might not work:

  • Limited budget
    • If analytics proves that advertising a certain product requires at least $ 50 per day, and the client insists on $ 20 per day, then the chances of breaking through the competition are significantly reduced.
  • Refusal of a comprehensive solution
    • For example, a marketer offers a set of solutions for promotion, which includes SMM, site optimization, email campaigns, content marketing, and advertising. The client decides that only SMM is enough. Unfortunately, in this case, the promotion process will be significantly delayed, and given the competition and oversaturation of social networks with advertising, it will generally fail.

What Can You Do to Make Your Digital Marketing Work?

  • Conduct research and more research.
  • Analyze the market.
  • Clearly define the target audience.
  • Agree on an optimal budget that can actually bring results (remember about draining the budget).
  • Follow the algorithms of social networks and search engines.
  • Make decisions quickly.
  • Set specific goals for yourself and monitor their implementation.

Conclusion About the Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new black. It changes, improves, and becomes more in demand. If you want to try yourself in marketing, take a look at our vacancies! We will tell and teach under what conditions marketing works and not only.