I Don’t Work Remotely, I just Live at Work. How to Work Remotely?

I Don’t Work Remotely, I just Live at Work. How to Work Remotely?

It’s already November, and it doesn’t even smell like the end of the WFH regime… For 7 months we have been working from home and “go” to work in pajamas. If someone had said this a year ago, no one would have believed it. The further, the more controversy arises around the topic of remote! The workers were divided into three camps: I want to go back to the office, I don’t want to go back to the office, I don’t care. Let’s try together to find the truth about working from home on the personal stories of our employees.

I Want to Go Back to the Office!

I was already tortured by this quarantine … I used to have a regimen – I woke up at 7 a.m., 30-40 minutes to get ready, the same time – the time to get to work. In the office, you cross the threshold and you understand “I am in the office, I need to work here”, this is how our brain works. Further meetings, work routine, coffee breaks, lunch, teammate shares the impressions of the series, I share mine. After work, I go to the store and home! Life was in full swing. Now I have lost the regime for only an hour, I wake up at 8 a.m., but it is still difficult to get into work. Now I know all Facebook news, even deleted it completely several times. Then I installed it again because I needed to keep myself busy. Now my trick is to call for any reason. Although for 10-15 minutes, I noticed it, when I got so bored and lacked communication, I called to find out the answer that could be received in the chat. I wake up, have breakfast, and then go to the “workplace” (read “to the lacquered dining table”). At first, it was not bad, but then I began to drag out the routine and after 2 months I wildly wanted to go back to the office. Firstly, there is always “movement “, everyone works, there is someone to talk to and quickly resolve some issue, secondly, the comfort of the workplace, and thirdly, none of the family perceives your work from home as vacation and does not pull it for the slightest need. I can note the savings on the way to work and back and money for lunch in a cafe.

I Love Working from Home!

I am a lone wolf and have always been comfortable as a single player. Those problems that I had in the office I already solved in writing – I wrote a message, letters, or raised tickets, so nothing much has changed here. Work for me is work! I spent little time talking with colleagues, this was more the exception than the rule. Now in the morning I have time for yoga or meditation and I work well during the day, before I could not afford this – I always chose sleep. I have more time because now I do not need to waste time on gathering and recruiting for work. This time I spend on rest, as a result, the next day I am again vigorous and full of energy. I have arranged well for myself a workplace at home – I have finally acquired a new comfortable chair. Also, no one distracts me with constant conversations, laughter or walking back and forth, as it was in the office.

I Don’t Care!

I felt fine in the office, but at home, I also feel good. If tomorrow they say (although I know they won’t say) that I have to go to the office, I will go without problems, but staying at home for a few more months is not a problem either. It just needs to be taken as a temporary measure. I regularly see my teammates at online meetings, and we chat in general every day. Therefore, I do not feel a special need for communication, but during the day I can talk with my family, there is more time for this and I like it.

Office VS Remote

Let’s sum up! For those who find it difficult to work from home, we advise you to make yourself a comfortable workplace, communicate more with friends so as not to experience a lack of communication, also try yoga or meditation, listen to your favorite music and take short breaks. Whoever is happy with everything in remote work – great! We are sincerely happy for you because it is not known when we will be able to return to the office again, but knowing that you are comfortable is important. For those who are “indifferent”, you are great! This means that you quickly adapt to new conditions and continue to do your job efficiently. On our social media pages, we regularly tell you how to work remotely, so feel free to check out our pages. Be aware that our spaceship is looking for new specialists, because we are growing very quickly, to become a part of our team go to vacancies page and join our IT family!