Necessary Skills and Knowledge for a UI/UX Designer

Necessary Skills and Knowledge for a UI/UX Designer

I came into design about 5 years ago. At that time, when I began, there were not enough public courses or knowledge. Since design has always interested me, I began to research information bit by bit and began to educate myself. I studied tools, theory, and colors on my own. Later, I went for an interview at a design studio and … They took me! I worked there for about one and a half years, I gained experience in practice, as they say. I went through a few more jobs and finally joined Group 107. Now I will share my experience, with UI/UX in particular.

In design, I am attracted by the combination of analytics and visuals. Besides the fact that it is interesting, it is also really very addictive. Especially when you run several projects at the same time and understand how much the design itself changes depending on the client’s needs.

How UI Differs From UX

It just happens to be, that UI and UX are inseparable parts, at least in the Ukrainian market, it is. For example, I have met cases in the West when companies hire a separate UI and UX designer, that is, there these two concepts are separated.

If we talk about UI (user interface), then this is all about the visual component. Theoretically speaking, these are typography, color, balance, hierarchy, and even graphics.

If we talk about UX (user experience), then this is user research and the creation of a user flow. This is necessary in order for the user to reach their goal as quickly as possible. What I mean to say is, the user visits a specific site of their own choosing, and their has a goal and our task is to do everything to ensure that they reach it as quickly as possible. For example, I ordered a service.

UI/UX Design Training Resources

Here you have two paths, you can either study on your own or come to study. In fact, there are many resources now to help you learn on your own and you can master the UI / UX profession, but you will be studying it for longer on your own than if you study in courses.

I recommend all beginners read Don Norman‘s books.

Basic Skills and Knowledge That a

UI/UX Designer Should Have

  1. Know the Tools

To start a career in design, you need to be well versed in tools. How to work with them, what are their capabilities and functions.

  • Figma is by far the most popular as of now and a really team-friendly experience.
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  1. Explore the Theory

Know the theory in UI – color, composition, graphics, typography. If we talk about UX, it is a little more difficult here, because you need to know certain patterns of human behavior, understand the guidelines for certain platforms, and delve into user research. Understand how the customer journey map is created, and understanding the theory of testing.

Where to Get Your First UI/UX Job

Those who have heard about Group 107, even if they only have a basic knowledge of it,  know for sure that we support the young generation of specialists, including designers. Therefore, if you already have the described skills and have a great desire to develop, then we are happy to invite you to the internship program at Group 107! Here you will receive a curator’s support, experience, and practical skills. If you are already working in design, then go to the vacancies page and become part of a team of professionals!