What is the Difference? Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer vs Graphic

What is the Difference? Web Designer vs UX Designer vs UI Designer vs Graphic

So much has been said about design, but for beginners, people who just want to come to design, it is not clear which specialization they should choose. Therefore, today I will briefly and clearly explain how a web designer differs from a UX designer, a UI designer, and a graphic designer.

What is a UX Designer?

ux design

In the West, it is customary to separate the concept of UI/UX, in our country, it is actually a single whole, and I also tend to this option. If we talk about UX (user experience), then this is the first step in creating a design – researching the user for each individual goal. The task of the UX designer is to research the user and develop such a design so that the user achieves his/her goal as quickly as possible. For example, purchase a course.

Who is a UI Designer?


UI (user interface) designer is already working directly on the creation of the design, understands the tools. That’s all when it comes to visuals. Theoretically speaking, these are typography, color, balance, hierarchy, and even graphics.

Whо is a Web Designer?

When there was no such thing as UI/UX yet, there was a web designer. A web designer is a somewhat archaic concept, more about UI. That is, a web designer can create visuals without delving into the research of the user him/herself. After all, a web designer is a kind of UI designer in the modern sense, but well-versed in technical terms.

Whо is a Graphic Designer?

graphic design

The graphic designer does not work with interfaces, but mainly works with vector graphics. That is illustrations, banners, branding (fonts, colors, patterns).

How to Get Your First Job as a Designer?

First of all, I advise you to gain knowledge, of course. Now there are many resources thanks to which you can even master the base yourself. If you have already completed the training and want to get into design, then I can safely recommend the internship program from Group 107. Or go to the vacancies page and submit your resume.