How to perform well under pressure at work?

How to perform well under pressure at work?

All of us face pressure and stress at work sometimes. It can be deadlines, new projects or other things that prevent you from working in your usual rhythm. Usually, people tend to merge into negative thoughts and the voice inside is saying: “oh, hopefully, I don’t mess up”, “I can’t do it “, “they expect more than I can give”.

In this article, you will learn several effective methods that will help you healthily cope with pressure at work.

Do not neglect your sleep

It seems to be so obvious and simple. You’ve definitely heard about the importance of sleep. However, we can not avoid reminding you of that again. The study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that sleep directly affects stress resistance, mood, and memory. Always get enough sleep and be prepared for any unexpected adventure. Restorative and healthy sleep is the key to endurance.

Cultivate your mental flexibility

Josephine Perry, a chartered psychologist in sports and exercise, talks about such a phenomenon as “mental flexibility”. This is a person’s ability to switch their thoughts and control emotions in unexpected situations. When you feel the pressure, try to visualize these sensations and turn off the negativity:

Imagine that your life is a bus. You are the driver and the passengers are the thoughts and voices in your head. Your main task is to move in the established direction. But passengers become an obstacle, they knock you out of the way and distract you. As a driver, you have a clear task – to go only in the established direction, despite these obstacles. Do not give the outsider thoughts a place in your head, because they are not real, but only the fruit of your imagination.

Focus on present

Often, thoughts and fears about the deadline or the result are devastating. It can knock you out of the direction. Forget about the future and don’t think “what if?”. Focus on the task and work on it at a calm pace – that’s how you can deliver an excellent result. Never panic if you need to do something urgently. Watch your breath, control your emotions, and believe in what you are capable of doing even more than you expect. Do you feel like you need a rest? Take it. This will help you recharge, refresh your mind and get more energy.

Don’t rush

Often when people feel pressure, they rush and try to do things faster. Thus, the brain gets blocked and invisible walls don’t let you find a creative approach to the task. Therefore, do not rush, it will only exacerbate the situation. Better take a few minutes to think over the details, and carefully plan everything.

Plan and priotirize

Assess your workload, make a plan, and prioritize. Think about which tasks matter most and should be done in the first place. Do everything successively. If you are overloaded, then learn to say “NO” in cases where it can be done. Do not forget about yourself and your mental health. Think about direction, not the obstacles.

Try to think positive

Instead of complaining and worrying, take the situation under control and think positively. If you feel the pressure at work, then remember – this is your opportunity to grow. In difficult and stressful situations we develop and learn new things. You are given some errands or projects because people believe that you are the right specialist who can do a great job. It’s kind of a compliment. Therefore, stop underestimating yourself and take up the work with joy. “Pressure is a privilege” – Billie Jean King

Always be confident in your abilities. Learn to adapt to stressful situations and perceive them calmly. This is the skill that comes with experience and it will always be valued by employers. Performing well under pressure is opportunity to build a great reputation, so meet any challenges with a smile and confidently climb up on your career ladder.

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