Why Making Mistakes – Good?

Why Making Mistakes – Good?

Well, let’s talk about what is not customary to discuss – about mistakes! For some reason, everyone thinks that this is a manifestation of unprofessionalism and it is better to keep silent about this, quietly hush up. No! Making mistakes is ok and we must stop being afraid to declare our mistakes because it is thanks to mistakes that we learn and remember better. Let’s understand what mistakes are, what they are, and how to finally get rid of the feeling of guilt and shame for mistakes. Go!

Mistakes Exist

  1. Technical – You can expect anything from an incomplete understanding of workflows to learning how to use new tools.
  2. Management is a very responsible business, but obviously not subject to everyone. In management, admitting mistakes is perhaps the most important thing!
  3. Soft skills are the ability to communicate and cooperate competently with other people, everything is not as simple here as learning how to use new tools.

Why Making Mistakes is OK

Well, first of all, it’s fun. Here you go to a coffee break with colleagues and funny stories of miracles begin on the bends of your own production! “Instead of creating a new folder, I deleted everything that was …”. Yes, this is unpleasant but fixable and there are actually enough such minor problems.

And of course, as trite as it sounds, mistakes are instructive. Instead of collecting old achievements, analyze your mistakes, which in the future will only give you new victories, albeit small ones.


Agree, a significant part of our work is meetings, sync-ups, and brainstormings. One hundred percent, you had such a situation, well, at least once – you have been sitting at a meeting for an hour in a row, at the end there is the question, “Is everything clear to everyone?”. Everyone nods their heads and you too, but you don’t understand everything. You won’t ask again when everyone understands everything! Don’t do that – always ask again, clarify, and argue. You can also give feedback, for example, if you did not understand something at the meeting once, this is an accident, if three times, this is already a pattern. Moreover, not from your side, but from the side of the person who is holding this meeting. Therefore, please give feedback in a polite manner.

Why am I Afraid to Admit my Mistakes?

Remember the verses by heart in school (in the garden you had no choice:) that you did not learn? Then notes in the diary, then a serious conversation at home, a sense of guilt and still have to learn that verse. You made excuses in front of your teacher and at home in front of your family – most likely you were shamed for a mistake. Therefore, now it is difficult for you to admit your mistake so that they will not again begin to shame you and say, “Well, how can you not know that?!” And you may, you may not know something. Remember that you can speak these words back.


It is corny, but “Не who makes no mistakes, makes nothing”. If you made a mistake once and the next time you do everything right, then you have learned to accept and recognize your troubles! This article is not a call to make mistakes and step on a rake, it is an incentive to be bolder and more mature. You are no longer at school or university – they will not give a grade, parents will not be called. We in our company, for our part, help our employees with solving their problems, be it soft skills, managerial or purely technical problems. After all, the feeling of comfort in the team ensures long-term cooperation, this is what we want most of all – the ratio of employee satisfaction – our satisfaction. If you are looking for a job with a developed level of work/life balance, then welcome to the vacancies page and we will be waiting for you!